VR World at Couran Cove

Step into incredible virtual worlds and experience entertainment and activities in new and extraordinary ways at Couran Cove Island Resort.



Multiple Sports Simulator


This is a gaming game-changer – and another Australian-first at Couran Cove Island Resort.

Our TWO visual sports simulators offer a vast range of different sports and games on their simulators, including a golf simulator that analyses your swing.

Our Multi Sports Simulators are the only ones of their type in Australia … and are the best in the world.

Play any of 13 different sports:

  • Hockey
  • 2 x baseball games (hitting or pitching)
  • Basketball
  • 2 x American football games (kicking or quarterbacking)
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Rugby (kicking drop goals)
  • Zombie dodgeball game (popular with kids)
  • Carnival games
  • Bocce
  • Golf


SwingTrack Golf Simulator


If golf is your thing, here is the ULTIMATE golf simulator experience.

Select from over 90 world-class courses so you can be belting one down the fairway at Pebble Beach, pitching on to the green at The Links, Spanish Bay or putting for an eagle at Banff Springs.



Precise ball-tracking technology



SwingTrack™ golf simulators use video and camera technologies that surpass the accuracy, reliability and speed of anything on the market. The SwingTrack™ Flight camera system is designed to give you the most accurate ball flight tracking available and uses four high-speed cameras to track:

  • Ball Speed
  • Trajectory
  • Launch Angle
  • Flight Path

golf2The system captures ball flight data at 2000 frames per second, more than 30x faster than high-definition video. With our SwingTrack™ golf simulator golfers can now precisely track:

  • Total Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Carry Distance


Club head-tracking technology


SwingTrack™ Club camera technology provides all the information vital to improving your swing and gives an enhanced interactive golf simulation experience. Change your game by knowing more about how you play.

High-speed head tracking: The advanced high-speed HD camera records and shows real-time captures of your shot data including club path, club face angle and point of impact. The on-screen interface instantly presents a comprehensive overview of the relevant shot data, swing after swing.

Fastest framing rate: Our system has the fastest framing rate on the market, at an incredible 600 frames per second (FPS). Golfers can now experience and measure:

  • Full Colour Captured HD Images
  • Live Video Playback
  • Frame by Frame Club Analysis
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Head Path
  • Club Head Speed
  • Face-to-Path
  • Point of Impact
  • Save, Download and Review Past Shots


Real-time club head analysis: SwingTrack™ Club technology is built on years of rock solid research and development from the Visual Sports Product Innovation Labs. Unlike other golf club analysis technology on the market today, the SwingTrack™ Club doesn’t just interpret what happened, it displays it instantly and in real-time.

Swing analysis system


SwingTrack™ Video is a hardware and software add-on for our indoor golf simulators that takes your training to the next level.

Real-time swing analysis: Go beyond captured images to watching an actual recording of your golf swing. The system is comprised of a:

  • Secondary Computer
  • HD Touch Screen Monitor
  • PC Cabinet
  • High-Speed HD Camera



Improve your swing: Our video swing analysis is second to none. No other golf simulator on the market offers the ability to capture and compare your shots. SwingTrack™ gives you frame-by-frame viewing of both swing and club head. See your game. Improve your performance.

Golfers can now experience and measure:

  • High-speed HD, full colour video capture
  • Complete integration with SwingTrack™ Club and Flight tracking technology
  • Complete integration with E6 1.6 Golf software
  • Both Swing and Club Head Videos on the same interface integrated mark-up tools
  • Club Face, Club Path, Face-to-Path and Club Speed Data
  • Save, download and review past shots
  • State of the art image processing for accurate and reliable shot data


Make notes right on screen

Golfers can use the interactive touch screen interface to view their swing video in real time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame. They can also use integrated drawing tools to mark up the videos and make notes right on the screen. This assists in identifying and highlighting problems with a golfer’s swing (i.e. body shift, head movement, etc.).

Perfect for instructors, golf training facilities and professionals SwingTrack™ Video’s real live images give unrivalled shot analysis – see it and fix it!



Swing analysis software

SwingTrack™ Studio is our exclusive software interface that allows for overhead club info to be displayed in a way that is easy and efficient.

Exclusive software interface: All shot, ball flight and club head data from our full system: Flight, Club and Video are incorporated and presented for you to review on one exclusive interface with drawing tools to help you learn even faster as you go.

Fully integrated: Full integration of all SwingTrack™ technology in one easy-to-follow display means better feedback for you on all aspects of your game. Plus, once your system is installed expect minimal maintenance, and an incredible virtual golf experience that’s available at the touch of a screen.

Enjoy 365 days of play while enhancing the performance of your game with each swing.

Some of the world-class courses you can play include:

  • Banff Springs Resort
  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge
  • The Belfry
  • Bountiful Golf Club
  • Castle Pines Golf Club
  • Firestone Country Club
  • Harbour Town Golf Links
  • Mauna Kea Resort
  • Par Three Ocean
  • Par Three Mountain
  • Gleneagles Golf Club
  • Pinehurst Country Club #2
  • Bethpage Black
  • Torrey Pines Golf Club
  • Troon North Golf Club
  • Barton Creek
  • Big Horn
  • Big Horn Canyons
  • Cog Hill
  • Covered Bridge
  • Devil’s Island
  • Dorado Beach
  • Emerald Dunes
  • Latrobe
  • Latrobe Fall
  • Sea Island
  • Kiawah Island
  • The Tribute at Ostego Club
  • Entrada at Snow Canyon
  • Hapuna
  • Innisbrook Copperhead Course
  • Kapalua Bay
  • Kapalua Plantation
  • Kapalua Village
  • Pelican Hill
  • Pinehurst Country Club #8
  • Prairie Dunes
  • Phoenix Country Club
  • Three Canyons
  • Valderrama
  • Aviara Resort
  • Links at Grand National RTJ
  • Chateau Whistler
  • Frankfurter
  • Mauna Lani
  • Oakmont Country Club
  • Princeville
  • Royal Melbourne
  • The Judge Capitol Hill RTJ
  • Stone Canyon
  • Thanksgiving Point
  • Westfields
  • Cabo del Sol
  • Cambrian Ridge RTJ
  • Gallery North
  • Greywolf
  • Kauri Cliffs
  • King & The Bear
  • Loch Lomond
  • New South Wales
  • Pacific Rim
  • Raven at South Mountain
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Superstition Mountain
  • Le Grand George
  • Taghazout
  • Wade Hampton
  • Bandon Dunes
  • Pacific Dunes
  • Owl Creek
  • Lakeside
  • RTJ Silver Lakes – Heartbreaker
  • RTJ Silver Lakes – Mindbreaker
  • RTJ Silver Lakes – Backbreaker
  • Hokulia
  • Panther
  • Holtsmark Golf Club
  • Golf Resort Kuneticka
  • Hora
  • Club de Golf Le Sorcier
  • PGA National
  • Pebble Beach® Golf Links
  • The Links at Spanish Bay®
  • Spyglass Hill® Golf Course





Over many years, Rick Smith has worked with PGA pros including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Lee Janzen. Highly recognised among the best golf teachers, he is also known specifically as a swing advice expert for the PGA Tour. For the past 15 years, Rick has been regularly ranked as one of the top ten golf instructors worldwide in polls done by Golf Digest Magazine.

“SwingTrack™ Golf Simulator is a game-changer. In over 25 years as a professional instructor, I have never seen tracking technology as sophisticated and accurate as the SwingTrack™ simulators. I’m excited to have teamed up with Visual Sports to bring this breakthrough teaching tool to the market.”

Rick Smith
World renowned golf instructor


PlayStation VR



Step into PlayStation VR Worlds and journey through five unique and exclusive PlayStation VR experiences.

Go nose to nose with a great white shark, crawl through decaying space hulks, weave between oncoming traffic, survive a futuristic sport or take part in a gritty London gangster thriller.


Ocean Descent: Dive into an ocean adventure, plunging the depths within a suspended shark cage and marvelling at the incredible marine life as you descend. As you journey, witness amazing sights, discover a lost secret and face extreme danger.


Scavenger’s Odyssey: Board your dynamic all-terrain alien craft and explore a treacherous nebula as you hunt for a highly coveted ancient artefact. Leap canyons, crawl over vast space hulks and fire up your cannons as you battle hostile creatures on your journey towards the mysterious treasure.


VR Luge: Feel the exhilaration of illegal street racing just inches from the asphalt. Weave in and out of oncoming traffic, avoid hazardous landslides and scrape under big-rig trucks as you speed towards the finish line.


Danger Ball: Enter THE competitive sporting event of the future where victory is everything. Master your skills, destroy your rivals and survive to win the tournament. Win … or be destroyed.


The London Heist: Step into the shoes of an East End gangster in London’s gritty underworld. Tool up for a dramatic heist, survive a thrilling high-speed getaway and then withstand a brutal interrogation that ends with an impossible choice.




Iron Mike baseball pitching machine

Iron Mike Pitching


Iron Mike deserves his name – he’s tough, fast and unforgiving as he hurls balls down the batting cage and towards his challengers at lightning-fast velocity.

Perhaps you’ll discover a Joe DiMaggio has been quietly hiding in your ranks as they step up to the plate against one of the fastest pitching machines in the world.

The Iron Mike commercial pitching machine is a firm favourite of professional players and coaches worldwide largely in part because of its arm-style pitching.

The evolution of the first Master Pitching Machine built by Paul Giovagnoli in 1952, Iron Mike will have you honing your skills in the batting cage at Couran Cove Island Resort this summer.



Virtual Race Centre



Come and experience Australia’s most advanced racing simulation experience.

Race your work mates on any of over 125 of the world’s most popular race tracks in the VR Race Centre, where there are four consoles with VR headsets to get your blood pumping and keep your competitive streak sautéed.


Coming soon …

Real skiing in virtual reality


Be among the first in Australia to experience the SkyTechSport virtual reality skiing simulator.

Cutting edge technology reproduces the exact sensation of going down the slopes at the world’s best-known ski resorts, and visualise the thrills on a huge panorama screen in 6K resolution.

The SkyTechSport will fully match the physical forces and biomechanics of skiing and snowboarding. Sensations are identical as well.

This is going to be fun!!!