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Whether you are looking for relaxation, indulgence, health or adventure, Couran Cove has the perfect experience waiting for you to discover. Explore the diverse range of activities available- from bush walks to luxurious massages, cycling paths to fishing, kids activities to aqua park fun- we’ve got something for everyone.

DISCLAIMER:  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected activities for many people during the pandemic,

some of our activities are subject to change without notice.  Management reserves the right to enforce customer safety decisions immediately.

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1. Swimming & Pools
2. Walking & Riding
3. 4WD Tours
4. Island Adventure Tours
5. Speed Boat Tours
6. Geocaching
9. Fishing
12. Surf School
7. Jet Skiiing
8. Kayaking & Paddle Boarding
10. Day Spa
11. Sports & Fitness
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