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  • South Straddie-4
  • CCR-1
  • Coast ssi 02
  • Surfers -1


A Seaplane flight over the Gold Coast is an amazing experience. It will be the highlight of your holiday.

As soon as you get airborne you realise this is an adventure like no other.

After the thrill of accelerating on the water to takeoff speed suddenly everything goes very smooth. No more vibrations from skipping over the water, it’s just comfortable, the headphones mute out the engine noise, you feel calm and very safe.

Next the scenery and colours combine to really stimulate your senses. It’s a view you don’t expect and suddenly you understand where you are in the big picture and how pretty it all is.

The pristine beaches, the rainforest on the islands, the city skyscapers in the distance and the hundreds of other islands and waterways all combine into one stunning vista that is hard to describe.

By the time you fly over Sanctuary Cove and the Sovereign Islands you realise how privileged you are to see it all from this angle. The multimillion dollar mansions, the cruise boats, the canals and golf courses, this really is one of the most picturesque parts of Australia to fly over.

Now it’s time for the descent and landing and your feeling a little apprehensive as to what to expect. Then suddenly it’s all over. A lot smoother than what you thought was possible and your heart is still racing from the adrenaline rush. You can’t believe how awesome the experience was.

If you are nervous or apprehensive about flying, this is an experience that will really impress you. Why? Because it feels much safermore comfortable,smoother and secure than you imagined it to be.

You get caught up in the fun and the views just amaze you. At the end you are so glad you did it because of the photos and memories you now have.


10-­minute Seaplane flight -­ $95 per adult. $70 per child (under 12)

20-­minute Seaplane flight -­ $175 per adult. $120 per child (under 12)

Please allow an extra 20 minutes for boarding and the taxi time to takeoff and from landing.

One way transfer to or from Seaworld Resort $120 per adult $80 per child. (Baggage limitations apply)

All flights require a minimum of 2 Adult passengers

Book at Reception.