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Casual Berthing


Marina Map

If you would like to travel to the Resort in your own vessel, we can gladly provide you with a berth in
our Marina before you arrive. Please use our online booking system to reserve a berth for yourself.
The fees to stay in our Marina are as follows:

Vessel Size Fee per Day Food & Beverage Voucher
Under 4 Meter $20.00 $10.00
4 – 8 Meter $60.00 $20.00
Over 8 Meter $100.00 $40.00

Berthing Fees for New Years Eve 2015 inclusive

A Arm – $200 per night (10m and under)
B Arm – $200 per night (12-17m)
C Arm – $200 per night (17m and over)

To book a berth please contact Guest Services on 07 5597 9999 or email