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Couran Cove Island Resort was designed by local architects who understood and shared the vision of combining a truly unique Australian ‘beach and bush’ holiday destination. They used the natural settings of South Stradbroke Island to guide their design. The immediate surrounds, whether it was the lagoon, marina, surf beach or forest, were of primary importance.

The style is typical of Queensland, adopting a very recognisable school of architecture evident on Australian soil today. Each cabin is characterised by the use of light, natural materials and an emphasis on climate, the natural environment of the location and a relaxed living style.

The style is simple, pure, sustainable and practical, and perfectly reflects Australian traditions and heritage in architecture. All materials are from sustainable resources, in particular the use of timber and glass. All our cabins have solar hot water units and the verandah roof reflects light and air across the curved ceilings, creating an immediate sense of spaciousness. The guiding motto for everyone involved with designing and building the Resort was: ‘How nature would have had it’.

Colours were manufactured especially for the Resort and interior tones are natural with water-based lime-wash used on the walls. Soft furnishings emphasise natural products such as pure wool and the floor covering is maize matting.

The architecture utilises natural air flows, materials and lighting which has contributed to an overall reduction of 85% in greenhouse gas emissions within the Resort in comparison to a similar-sized conventional island resort, and 75% compared to a typical mainland household.