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Indio Skin care products


The Indio skin care cosmeceutical products we use are an Australian owed company that does NOT test on animals. It combines high strength active ingredients with a luxury feel, providing skincare solutions for all skin conditions and types including premature ageing, menopausal, mature skin, acne and sun-damaged skin.
This wonderful skin care will leave your skin feeling totally balanced and hydrated with optimal opportunity to slow the ageing process.


All facial treatments will be customise based on your skins specific needs, whether it be anti-aging and rejuvenation, hydration, oil/problematic or redness and sensitive, we will have a treatment to suit you.

Express facial 30mins – $65.00
This is a basic facial treatment which will give your skin an instant boost leaving it feeling alive and refreshed.

Deep cleansing facial – 60mins – $105.00
A treatment designed for your skins needs, using active ingredients to get the best results for your skin as well as leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Deluxe facial – 90min – $135.00
This treatment begins with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage to help relieve any stress or tensions you may have before your luxurious facial treatment that is designed to improve circulation and hydration of your skin as well and leaving you feeling totally de-stressed, relaxed and rebalanced.

Gentleman’s facial – 60mins – $105.00
A facial treatment designed specifically for males that will leave his skin feeling fresh and hydrated, as well as easing any tensions, clearing the mind.

Teen facial – 40mins – $80.00
This treatment is designed for the problematic teenage skin, using products that are soft and mild, as well as being able to target the problem areas, this treatment will leave the skin soothed, calm and refreshed.

Massage and body treatmentsSPA004

Massage and body treatments increase oxygen flow to the blood. These treatments also release toxins from muscles and transport nutrients to where they are most required easing aches, pains and stiffness.

Scalp & face massage – 30mins – $45.00
This is an ideal stress relief for the scalp and face relieving tension, headaches and migraines, eliminating stress. Warm exotic oils are gently massaged into the scalp, face and temple areas.
This massage can also be an addition to any other facial treatments.

Back, neck and shoulder massage – 30mins – $60.00
This is a very popular relaxation massage using a nourishing blend of oils. This is an invigorating massage that eliminates negative effects and stress of everyday life, restoring equilibrium and balance to the upper body.

Full body massage 60mins $100    90mins $150
This massage is a total luxury using a nourishing blend of oils to help in relieving tension and reducing stress both physically and mentally. This wonderful full body which includes back, neck and shoulders, massage eliminates the negative effects of everyday life whilst restoring balance to the entire body. Great for restoring movement of joint and muscle at the same time improving blood circulation.

Couples massage – 60mins – $200.00
A full body relaxing massage which enables you and a partner or friend to both enjoy a wonderful massage which relieves tension and reduces stress both physically and mentally. This massage eliminates the negative effects of everyday life, restoring equilibrium and balance to the entire body at the same time.

Hot rock therapy massageSPA007

Hot Rock Therapy is a powerful combination of smooth volcanic stones and special blends of oils which work together unlocking muscles reliving stress and tension. The warmth of these naturally formed stones work deep into the muscles leaving you feeling totally de-stressed and invigorated.

Back, neck and shoulder – 30mins – $75.00
A wonderful way to unwind after a busy day using volcanic stones with oils which are placed on the skin giving a sensational feeling of a pair of hot soothing hands massaging you, leaving you totally relaxed and de-stressed.

Full body massage 60mins $125   90mins $190
A luxurious full body massage using volcanic stones to melt your tension away. Hot rocks are a great way to relax and unwind. The heat of the stones is sensational at unlocking muscles and relieving stress and tension. The feeling of hot stones with oils are placed on the skin gives a feeling of a pair of hot soothing hands messaging your entire body…truly magical.

Sugar/salt glow treatments

Using either salts or sugar with exotic oils exfoliates your skin removing any dry or dead skin. It will eliminate toxins by stimulating the circulation and smooth sore muscles leaving your skin feeling lovely and smooth and totally refreshed.

Back – 30mins – $75.00
This relaxing back massage using Sugar/salt and oils is specifically designed to de-stress body and mind, increase and stimulate blood circulation. This treatment starts with a sugar/salt scrub followed by a stimulating shower and a relaxing back massage leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed!

Full body – 75mins – $125.00
This relaxing full body massage using sugar/salt and exotic oils are specifically designed to de-stress your body and mind and increase and stimulate blood circulation. This treatment starts with a sugar\salt scrub followed by a stimulating shower and a relaxing full body massage leaving you totally glowing and feeling fantastic!

Body Wraps

Body wraps are a type of spa treatment designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate or firm the skin, relax and soothe the muscles.  Body wraps can also have the additional benefits of relieving tired or heavy legs and aching joints, easing inflammation, and helping to flush toxins from the body through sweating.

Island Paradise Wrap – 80mins – $150.00
Your Paradise body wrap involves a deep pore cleansing exfoliation using a coconut crème scrub followed by a relaxing wrap treatment with coconut oils. You are smothered with a coconut body butter to promote hydrations, nourishing and repairing damage to the deepest layers of your skin.

Milk & Honey Wrap – 90mins – $180
A wonderful deluxe wrap treatment using honey and milk combined to totally invigorate. This treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish, tighten and strengthen the skin. Your body is exfoliated using sugar/salt and exotic oils which are gently massaged into your skin.
A scalp massage concludes this wonderful treatment leaving your body soothed and replenished. One word-Magic!

Vichy Shower treatments

The Vichy shower has 7 fully adjustable shower heads that can improve your life quality by producing a large increase in blood and lymph circulation, strengthening your immune system, improving your metabolism and detoxifying your body.  Loosen tense, tight muscles and encourage relaxation whilst hydrating your cells and improving skin and muscle tone.

Vichy shower (alone) – 30mins – $50.00
This treatment lets the water caress your body and increase blood circulation, hydrating the skin giving you a feeling of total relaxation.

Vichy shower with massage – 60mins – $125.00
The gentle fall of water from the Vichy shower simulates and massages pressure points over your entire body whilst giving you a relaxing and reviving experience you will not forget.

Vichy shower with sugar scrub – 60mins – $145.00
An exfoliation treatment that will remove impurities and promote healthy skin growth which will be enhanced by the gentle water fall of the Vichy shower giving you a feeling of pure delight!

Vichy shower with body wrap – 90mins – $180.00
Starting with a body exfoliation then showered off with the Vichy shower and its adjustable shower heads, the body mask is applied, you are then wrapped and cocooned allowing the elimination of toxins to leave your skin looking brighter and feeling much cleaner. Once rinsed off, your body is rehydrated and looking great, giving you the ultimate body treatment.

Hydrotherapy spa – 30mins     on its own $45     pre-massage treatment $30

This treatment uses low and high level air and water jets to target key areas of the body, whilst you lay back and relax, leaving you feeling revitalised.
The hydrotherapy spa is ideal as a pre-massage treatment or on its own.
Choose from …

Relaxation-gentle vibration of air bubbles at a medium pressure circulating from your feet to your back constantly.
Body Stimulation work out-starting with a low level of bubbles, the pressure steadily increased to reach maximum pressure then reverting back to the lower level of pressure.
Slimming/cellulite– using water pressure, the jets move from zone to zone to aid in the breakdown of cellulite.
Circulation– designed to improve blood circulation, using circular massage action with the jets cycling though the body zones.

Steam Room – 30mins     alone $30     pre or post massage $20

Come alone or with another for a relaxing steam session.
The cosmetic benefits of using the steam room, gives you a smooth, soft and healthy completion. By opening the pores of the skin, impurities are flushed out leaving the skin clean and fresh. An addition to being a relaxing treatment, this is an excellent treatment for sore muscles and blood circulation disorders.

Hand and Feet treatmentsSPA016

Let us treat your over exposed, aching hands and tired sore feet to either an express or deluxe manicure or pedicure.

Express Manicure – 30mins – $50.00
This is a lovely manicure tidying up your hands and nails. Cuticles are tidied; nails are filed and buffed finishing with a polish.

Deluxe Manicure – 60mins- $85.00
A luxurious treatment for any tired aching hands.  Hands are soaked and exfoliated to remove dry, dead skin and soften the cuticles. Nails are filed and shaped; cuticles are tidied, followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage, finishing with a buff and polish.

Express Pedicure – 30mins – $50.00
Your feet are soaked and exfoliated; nails and cuticles are tidied and buffed finishing with a polish.

Deluxe Pedicure – 60mins – $85.00
This deluxe treatment begins with your feet being soaked in salts and oils, then exfoliated and  filed to remove dry, dead skin. Nails and cuticles are filed and trimmed followed by a relaxing foot massage and mask to add hydration finishing with a polish.

Foot soak and massage – 20mins – $35.00
A truly relaxing treatment for those tired, aching feet.  Feet are soaked then exfoliated followed by a heavenly foot massage.

Peppermint foot soak – 20mins – $25.00
This soak is fantastic in removing any stubborn hard, dead skin from around the heel and toe areas leaving your feet feeling fresh, soft and wonderfully cleansed.

Paraffin wax – $20.00
Designed to soften the skin and infuse the products used.
Gel Polish – $30.00
Gel polishes are set under a LED light making them last much longer than your usual nail polishes.

Lip $15
Chin $15
Eyebrows $20
½ leg $40
Full leg $60
Underarm $25
Lower arm $25
Full arm $40
Bikini  $25
G String $35
Brazilian $70
Brazilian follow up $35
Back  $40
Chest  $40

Eye treatments
Eyelash tint $25
Eyebrow tint $15
Eyebrow shape $20
Eye trio (all of above) $45
Eyelash extensions  $80
Full body spray tan – $35.00


There are many great excuses to be pampered and we can organise an Island resort spa package to suit everyone or as a gift for that special someone in your life.
We have many different packages available giving you the most memorable, relaxing and indulgent pampering for any celebration at the beautiful Couran Cove Resort Beauty & Day Spa.

Replenishing package – 90mins – $145.00 includes:
30 minute steam room treatment
30 minute back, neck & shoulder massage
30 min express facial
Get a new lease on life with our replenishing package which will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Rejuvenate package – 2 hours – $200.00 includes:
30 min Vichy shower
30 min back, neck & shoulder massage
30 min express Facial
30 min express Pedicure or Manicure
Get a feeling of blissful rejuvenation with this package. Relax with a soothing Vichy shower then upper body massage to melt away any stresses and tensions. A soothing facial is next followed by a pedicure or manicure leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated.

Tip to Toe package – 3 hours – $280.00 includes:
60 min deep clean facial
60 min full body massage
30 min express pedicure
30 min express manicure
The ultimate tip to toe package anyone would appreciate. Your 3 hours of total pampering begins with a full body massage to soothe away any tensions, stress, tightness, aches and pains as well as indulging in a 1 hour deep clean facial leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft, clean and smooth then receive a pedicure and manicure which will leave you feeling wonderfully fantastic and relaxed.

Ultimate package – 3.5 hours – $335.00 includes:
60 min Full body Salt/sugar glow scrub includes full body massage
60 min Deep Cleansing facial
60 min Deluxe Pedicure
30 min Express Manicure
This is a wonderfully deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment using a blend of aromatic sea salts/sugars and essential oils. This treatment aids in the removal of impurities and dead skin cells, stimulating circulation to bring your skin back to its natural radiance.
A luxurious full body massage is included ensuring a totally relaxing experience to melt away any stresses and tight or sore muscles you may have.
A deep cleansing facial is next leaving your skin feeling soft and wonderfully smooth and a deluxe pedicure and express manicure to finish off this wonderfully indulging experience. Pure Magic!

Mother to be Package – 90 mins – $145.00 includes:
30 min back, neck & shoulder massage
30 min express facial
20 min foot soak & massage
A wonderful pampering experience for the new mother to be enabling you to fully relax and let someone else look after you whilst you soak it all up. Ease away any tightness, aches and pains safely and indulge in a soothing facial and exhilarating foot soak and massage to finish. You’ve earned it!

Men’s pamper package – 2.5 hours – $210.00 includes:
60 mins full body massage to relieve tension and stress
60 mins gentleman’s facial created for your specific skins requirements.
30 min Hydrotherapy spa treatment to further enhance your relaxation experience.
This is designed specifically for men enabling you to feel totally rejuvenated and de-stressed. Starting off with a Hydrotherapy spa treatment to soothe away any tightness, aches and pains you may have then a 1 hour full body massage removing any tension or stresses you may have finishing off with a gentleman’s facial to make you feel wonderfully cleansed and pampered.

Twilight romantic indulging escape for two
60 min full body massage on our scenic veranda overlooking the lagoon and night lights. Pure heaven!!
$350.00 includes a glass of champagne
$450.00 includes candlelit seafood platter for two and champagne.
*Please note: only available Friday and Saturday nights during the warmer summer months.
For the romantic couple looking forward to a relaxing indulging evening where being pampered and spoilt is something you can enjoy like a 1 hour full body massage each ensuring you feel totally relaxed, renewed and revitalised. A bottle of bubbly can be arranged as well as a gorgeous romantic seafood platter for two on our scenic veranda overlooking the lagoon and serene night lights.
An evening you will never forget!

Kidspa Menu

Fan Fab facial 30 min $35
Mini Me massage 15 min $20 | 30 min $30
Miss Mod manicure 30 min $30
Petite Pamper Pedicure 30min $30
Glitter Tattoo $20
Hair – curled, straightened or braided $20

Little Miss Package approx 60min $80
includes facial, 15 min massage, glitter tattoo

Diva Package approx 90min $100
includes facial, glitter tattoo, pedicure, 30 min massage

Glamour package approx 120min $130
includes facial, manicure, pedicure, makeup (a bit of glitter & gloss), hair (of choice)

Treatments are under careful supervision by a fully trained beauty therapist.  All treatments require parental consent.  Parents are welcome to sit & watch the treatments.  Products are natural and gentle so won’t be harmful to their young skin (please advise if your child has any allergies).

To book call visit the Day Spa or call 07 5597 9062
Please ensure you pre book to avoid disappointment as the day spa may not be open every day.